Paul’s C.V. includes the combination of his interest in magic from a very early age, aesthetic flair, psychology, stage craft and voice production learnt at drama school, as well as, business sense acquired from trade and retail management during his semi-pro days. All this knowledge has been gelled together and shows in his subtle performances at restaurants, when and how to approach tables, and most importantly, when to leave. As in Show Business parlance:

“Always leave your audience wanting more”

At private shows Paul has fun with the audience but not at their expense and, in Cabaret, reaches out to them, so even if some wish to sit, watch and relax, they still go home feeling as if they were part of the show. Paul teases people into his world of magic so they do not want to leave, see for yourself!

Paul specialises in top close-up table and reception magic with a parlour room stand up act, a field which a lot of magicians do not often cover. It requires a certain affinity with the audience to perform a cabaret show but in an intimate way, ideal as an after dinner finale’ for medium sized groups in lounges or marquees, not too quiet and not too oppressive and the great thing about parlour room magic is it packs small and plays big! He welcomes guests up to help with effects, his torn and restored newspaper effect keeps folks guessing on how the host was able to help complete the effect when in fact not even the host knew! A great finale’ includes his very funny comic escape routine (as seen on T.V.) employing two guests where everything seems to be going wrong but ends with a surprise finish!

In order to develop Paul’s Magic for Performance course he was invited at the beginning of the year to study for a City and Guilds teaching qualification, as a result this summer he was awarded this which has to be a first ever using magic within the course curriculum. This encapsulated eight sections covering learner’s needs, planning, resources, support, assessing students, self-evaluation and colleague observation. Since then Paul has been approached to teach magic students at the world famous Magic Circle. Through the Magic Circle Paul has also this year at a London secondary school for arts and media studies. Whilst teaching he has performed for numerous private dinner parties. Clients included event organisers for their own summer gatherings.

In addition to the successful ‘Magic for Performance’ class Paul has also produced an ‘Advanced’ course for those who wish to take the art further. So far this year Paul performed to Mike Rutherford and Dave Gilmore at private dinner parties, as well as repeat bookings from regular clients, including a trip to Switzerland for ‘Amro Bank’ at the Lausanne Palace Hotel.

• The continued success of Paul’s Magic for beginners class has prompted a new course called ‘Magic for performance’, for the corporate sector, exploiting simple magical effects to show the best way of using presentation skills for seminars, marketing and speeches.

• The year begins in earnest with a New Year party show in Surrey for a regular client of many years, Before the week is out yet another write up in the ‘ EVENING STANDARD ‘ stirs interest in the magic world. In August of this year a keen reporter asks for a private session in magic so he can write about this popular form of entertainment in the Guardian newspaper. Performance school Hurtwood House asks Paul to run his class with a new slant on this well recognised subject. Together with his private performances Paul entertains for Jaguar cars to promote the launch of the new XJ6.

• A brand new year, with write up’s about Paul in the ‘EVENING STANDARD’ and ‘BELLA’ magazine. Entertaining at private dinner parties at the ‘Ritz’ London, and the newly built ‘Renaissance London Chancery Court Hotel’. His book based on the very popular Magic for Beginners class is being written and forging ahead.

• Amongst his many varied projects, this year has proved to be busy with private close-up and parlour room magical entertainment and has accepted to start another teaching course in West Sussex.

• A bright new start to the Millennium, Paul entertains at the Savoy London, for one of his numerous regular clients. This year Paul’s projects include the development and marketing of ‘The Surrey Street Market Traders’ and a Magic book aimed at the art of performing. He has also started work on a film, which was conceived during the business studies course he took in early 1998. He continues to teach another popular Magic course at ‘The City Literary Institute’ London, as a result of the success from last years course.

• Booked for the Millennium celebrations a couple of years in advance, Paul entertained at his favourite ‘New Year’ venue in Surrey. His clients this year have included British Telecom, the MD of Barclays Bank, as well as many private dinner parties and celebrations. There was also a very special Variety Club banquet where Paul entertained fellow colleagues and entertainers.

• One of his regular clients asked Paul to produce a show using his theatrical talents to sell a product at a popular trade show. This resulted in a role-playing show employing magicians and actors to form ‘The Surrey Street Market Traders’, it was great fun and very successful!

• Early in the year a old friend and colleague asked Paul if he could spend a little time teaching Magic at an adult education class in London, this proved so successful that he was asked to run a 12 week course.

• Paul has entered the realms of society entertainment performing at exclusive private parties as well as corporate dinners. Clients include Saatchi and Saatchi, The Wentworth Golf Club for various company parties including Ferrari UK and on another occasion a celebrity star-studded event with guest of honour Sir Cliff Richard. Paul was asked to perform at, possibly, his tallest venue, for a company dinner on Tower Bridge London, Jimmy Tarbuck was the star speaker and Paul was the support act. The publishing company ‘Fastpoint’ called on Paul’s services to create and perform magic at a new trade show with promise of more bookings.

• Paul’s very funny and unique cabaret act always goes down well at private parties, large banquets and dinners, as a result Paul is asked back year after year by bookers and clients.

• Paul’s cabaret now developed from an after dinner parlour room act is now a celebrated 30-45 minute fun show, including a torn and restored newspaper trick where the host or guest helps, giving the illusion that they actually did part or all of the trick! Or did they? Well only they know and it keeps them in drinks for the rest of the year! Paul is also known for his very funny escape routine (performed on T.V.) assisted by two guests, it gets all out of hand but with a surprise finish!

• Paul decided to take time out to re-evaluate his work, achieving a certificate in business studies, marketing, and information technology, all essential to selling magic as a product! He also rekindled the thespian flame, covering old ideas of combining magic with theatre. Paul even managed time to win a trophy for best cabaret act!

• Paul entertained for Fosters, the world’s largest manufacturer of freezing equipment, with his special brand of cabaret and close-up magic, at Earls Court. Together with company parties at London’s top hotels, he has entertained at his smallest show yet! Entertaining an American couple for their anniversary in Chelsea at his full fee!

• Another busy year for Paul entertaining in Madeira Portugal, for an audience of 1000 people at an IBM computer convention dinner. Metsa Serla booked Paul to entertain at the NEC Birmingham. Paul’s performance became award winning, after being presented with a trophy for best close-up magic. Amongst his many private dinner party engagements these included the MD of Polygram records. Virgin Atlantic Airways took Paul to Boston, USA for a fun promotional trip followed by further promotions for Virgin Holidays entertaining around Britain. To finish the year off he was asked to perform his cabaret in Callas del Mallorca, Spain.

• The year began with a request by Mike Mansfield to perform his special fun magic for the James Whale show; this was popular, resulting in 3 return visits to the show. Paul starts entertaining at ‘The Naked Turtle’ haute cuisine restaurant, Sheen, Surrey, where he can still be seen working any Sunday between 1pm and 4pm, so long as he isn’t abroad. Virgin Atlantic took Paul to San Francisco performing his close-up magic on a promotional trip. Selkirk, a major industrial manufacturer, books Paul to entertain at the NEC Birmingham for the international HVAC show, the biggest in Europe!

• On return from a promotional trip from Japan for Virgin Atlantic, Paul secured close up work with a couple of hotel chains, the Stakis hotel group and Beefeater restaurants, entertaining regularly during ‘93’ for the Sir Thomas Wyatt restaurant where Paul was an instant hit, his presence encouraged customers to return with guests for special occasions. In May, Paul was a special guest star on Magic and Pop music series called Tricks and Tracks performing an amazing feat of escapology. Feb-June: this year started with a deal working for Virgin Holidays performing close-up and cabaret, promoting at a variety of venues including the BBC1 Holiday Live show, Olympia, and special parties where on one occasion Richard Branson helped Paul with an illusion. Virgin Atlantic later took Paul to Los Angeles on a promotional trip.

• June to August: Paul was away in Scandinavia on cruise ships entertaining international audiences for a return trip for three months.

• Feb to March: Paul’s first trip to Scandinavia entertaining international audiences with his special fire and manipulation cabaret and close-up magic on the cruise ship M/S Kalypso, this trip was so successful more bookings were set for June.

• Paul’s work had increased quite dramatically, by now he had some acting roles under his belt with appearances in ‘Alas Smith and Jones’ and ‘Press Gang’ amongst others. His magic took him to France entertaining a company’s guests for three days. He entertained in the presence of Royalty on two occasions for Princess Anne and Princess Margaret, not to mention a host of celebrities, Dawn French and Lenny Henry, Jools Holland, Colin Baker, Paul Young, to name but a few.

• During this period Paul had made an impact in some of London’s top hotels entertaining at banquets in the Hilton, Park Lane, The Dorchester, The Marriott, and The Ritz. He was versatile enough to entertain at Hen nights and Stag nights on occasion. Whilst all this was going on, he achieved the prestigious status of becoming a full member of the world famous Magic Circle and also earned his Equity card.

• This was a transitional period in Paul’s life. He made the break from semi-pro to full time professional. He had built a network for the nightclub scene entertaining for the joint companies of Mecca/Pleasurama around the South East. Paul also made a mark on cable TV with a magic series. Paul even had time to set up and run his own magic school.

• These were Paul’s formative years building a reputation as a serious entertainer, developing a gothic horror character called ‘The Wiz’, which proved very funny in discos and nightclubs. Paul, even at this early stage, was requested to perform at the Lyceum in the Strand, London with Sally Oldfield. Paul’s first proper acting role was for the Cockpit theatre for a summer play during ‘78’.

Prior to 1976
• Paul was adding to his already vast knowledge of magic by attending ‘The City Literary Institute’ for a 3-year drama course, studying dance, drama, stagecraft, and voice production.